Show yourself on stage

The open and out live show brings together Sydney based artist of various genre's to celebrate our unique perspectives on life. we hope to create a series of events coming into 2020 bringing people together and celebrating our individuality trough visuals music and dance and stories.



KYE KEEN is a Australian born and raised alternative pop artist using the best parts of popular music mixed with electronic and acoustic elements to tell stories and create journeys wit his current project centred around the LGBTQ community and the journey he has been in. KYE aims to take the difficult situations he has faced and use them to inspire others to believe in self strength, love yourself, love others and love life.


Having played throughout greater Sydney fronting a few bands Bruno has decided to fly solo. Accompanying his warm and enchanting voice with just a guitar and self-produced backing tracks, Bruno has developed his confidence and his ability to connect across the stages of Lazy Bones Lounge, Manning Bar, Upstairs at Freds and various other locations. His efforts securing previous singles If you are and Sober airplay on 2RDJ FM and Triple H FM.



South African born and resident of Western Sydney, Lauren's music has merged her unique R'nB / Hip Hop style with Soulful sound, drawing inspiration from a wide range of contemporary artists and bands. Original and cover music for occasions and events. also the featured backing vocalist on Gave and given.