Creating a mardigra float

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Being involved in the 2020 SGLMG was an idea that was rather last minute . In October of 2019 I was performing at friends wedding when I heard an add on the radio for mardigra and thought that would be an amazing opportunity to get my music and idea out there. Within a week I managed to put together an application which included a rough cadd design a friend of mine helped me put together (Alexander Hoffman). On the 21st of November i found out that I had a spot in the parade and thats when it all started. With the help of Suit'd technical crewing we put together a build plan.

To save money all the custom elements of the float I built myself in my small Sydney apartment taking over my entier living room for several months. During which the design became quite a bit more elaborate thanks to input from various people including my manager Rico Soto of Fire entertainment.

After all the set pieces where built it all had to be packed up and transported to a Kenarrd's hire facility where we completed the build on the truck over 2 days. We collected equipment from our suppliers including Jay Productions ,Sydney fireworks ,Camden hire, Coats hire and Suit'd. With our six crew from Suit'd we constructed and programmed the floats sound and lighting on the Friday . With final touches being put on the float on Saturday morning before travelling into the city.

Finally the day had come and it came down to the wire, after arriving onsite we had to collect our dancers and crew from a meeting point in Hyde park and had to hurry to get everything ready before the show. Most of the equipment had to be moved around as for travel purposes it was all strapped down. After about an hour of work from our crew we had it operational ,and after donning our makeup we did a few run throughs before true mayhem set in. At this point we where surrounded by lights and cameras covering hundreds of floats surrounding us and the thousands of performers. no words describe the incredible atmosphere we where taking in.

After a brief look around at other floats and some nervous pacing it was time to take positions. only minutes before the show our lighting system crashed causing panic as we tried to get everything up and running in time for the show. Not a moment to soon with less then a minute to spare i strapped myself to the back of the float and strapped on my wings as we started to move.

This was an incredible experience that has changed my life, never did i think I would get to sing infront of hundred of thousands of incredible members of our LGBTQI community and allies. This night has made me more certain then ever that I want to continue growing as a musician and create amazing things for anyone who will listen.

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