Independent music

With the wider access to equipment and tools everyone can write music and with the help of distributors you can even publish your own music on Spotify, but to get noticed is next to impossible. I started writing music nearly ten years ago, and following my move to Sydney 3 years ago I started trying to make a name for myself in the Sydney music scene. I very quickly realised it doesn't matter how good your song is or how well produced it my be most of the people that will listen are just going to be friends and family. To stand out against the wall of music being produced on a daily basis you have to give people a person to believe in and relate to a "character" of sort.

As a musicians I wish I could just focus on writing music for my fans but being independent means you have to do everything yourself. Along the way I have had lots of guidance but at the end of the day your the only person thats going to post of your instagram or plan your next show. Out of the time I spend working on my music career writing music and performing only makes up about 10% of my time the rest is on building a business. one that can support my music as-well as the people around me.

It takes endless sacrifice to build a career in music for me instead of going on a holiday ill produce a track in the studio, or instead of replacing my car I fund a performance at mardigra. The thing no one tells you when your ten years old and just love to sing is that music is not cheap, but no matter what it costs I would never give up the feeling of singing words that have meaning to me in front of a crowd of cheering strangers.

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