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Updated: Sep 23, 2019

As a young man I struggled with my identity constantly finding reasons to deny even the possibility of being gay. Part of this stems from being in a small costal town with no LGBTQ+ community and no education on anything other then being heterosexual , This partnered with your typical school bullying there was no way i could even think about being gay. At the end of the day i really had no idea what being gay ment, I just saw the stereotypical gay guy on tv being overly flamboyant and knew that wasn't me.

I began to entertain the idea of being gay after making some friends up in Sydney. From that small group I met heap of other people most of which where extremely open minded. In this group I met guys that where open about having done stuff with other guys or just openly stated they where bisexual. For the first time I felt comfortable with who i was and began to explore the idea of not being straight. Before I new it I found myself opening up to my friends saying I thought I was bi or gay, Moments later I was making out with a guy on the top of a boat questioning why I hadn't done it sooner.

It wasn't smooth sailing immediately after this as I didn't become open about my sexuality for almost a year , but it was a big step. I finally had a better idea of who i was. The more i have become part of the community the better my life has been and is one of the reasons I love to hear other peoples journeys.

#beyourself #lie #silence #share

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